Johan Desseyn

Founder, tech-oriented social scientist and researcher

education, labour market, skills and social policy

+32 485 92 85 41

Johan has a master’s degree in political sciences and founded Mpiris in June 2017. Before, he had already been doing applied social science research for more than ten years. Amongst his clients were the Flemish government, the cities of Ghent and Antwerp, the King Baudouin Foundation and many sectoral training organisations.

Sara Huysmans

Researcher - data analyst

+32 479 47 64 69

Sara has earned an M.Sc. in Theoretical and Experimental Psychology at Ghent University. She gained her first experience as a researcher during an internship at the Human Information Processing Lab (University of Oxford). After returning to Belgium, her hunger for knowledge and her passion for statistics led to her current position as researcher - data analyst. As such, she puts her data science skills to work doing research within the fields of labour market, skills and social policy.